Butchers Block Accessories

When looking at buying an IHR butchers block, it is also worth considering our range of butchers block accessories to either compliment your purchase, or to have in their own right.

Our fantastic range of butchers block accessories includes:

  • Pot Racks – in black, brass, silver or rustic
  • Butchers Block wax – clear or brown
  •  Extra towel rails
  • lift up flap table on the end
  •  Utensil bin
  •  Custom Dulux colours
  •  Tassie oak upgrade natural colour or stained

Our beautiful handcrafted butchers block accessories are a great compliment to any kitchen as a practical addition to any home whether is a rustic style you prefer of a more conventional one. Talk to us at IHR Butchers Blocks for more information, fill out our quote request form or view our butcher block range online. We are available Australia wide and have a handmade range of butchers block counters, butchers block island, butchers block table, butchers block chopping boards and wooden benchtops.