Butchers Blocks – Standard Size

A striking addition to any food preparation area is a beautifully handcrafted butchers block – a centrepiece for your kitchen or preparation area that not only looks fantastic, it is a practical and functional asset. Ian is always happy to chat on the phone on 0437333303 but below is a good overview of the blocks and features.

IHR kitchen butchers blocks come with more than 30 years experience.


Body:   The Butchers Blocks bodies (the base section) are available in approximately 12 colours.   popular colours are the white, black and walnut so we generally keep these in stock at all times.

Tops: The tops can be natural colour or stained Walnut.

Metal Fittings: The metal fittings being; the 4 corner brackets, badge, handles and towel rail can be made to have matcjhing colours to the body or a highlight colour


Sizes:  Our butchers block kitchen trolley measures 885mm wide, or approx 935 wide incl the towel rail. The blocks are 625mm deep and 900mm high, either with the castors on or off. The bottom 65mm of the leg is removeable so that castors can be fitted if desired.

Features incl: The butchers blocks are made with a two way (dovetailed) drawer and a fixed shelf at the bottom.  The two way drawer means that the drawer opens from either side of the block….no more back of the drawer… as the back is the front of the other side.

All butchers blocks include a care kit and 4 castors and these are located inside the drawer. The castors are industrial grade and will not mark the floors

Towel Rail – When looking at the IHR badge, the towel rail will be on the right hand end of the block.

The block tops are 6″ or 150mm (aprox) thick end grain Tasmanian Oak.  Essentially the tops are made from lots of smaller blocks joined together to make one big block. End grain provides the toughest resistance to Knives without causing the knives to unduly dull. End Grain manufacture is one of the most complex of joins to get right and often “look-A-like” blocks will be side grain and will prove disappointing when used and that is a far cheaper method of manufacture.

Expansion joints.  All butchers blocks will move to some extent and so to minimize this our 30 years experience has taught us to engineer in expansion joints and it is these expansion joints that are covered by the metal corner brackets.

We use waxes instead of oils for the cutting surfaces of our butchers blocks and modern non-toxic glues. This means they are completely safe to prepare food on, are low maintenance and multipurpose. We also have a fantastic range of accessories to go with your butchers block.

These quality and timeless butchers blocks are a fantastic addition to any home or restaurant creating a useful and attractive center-piece. See our butchers block delivery prices, fill out our quote request form for more information or talk to us at IHR.

BUTCHERS BLOCK. 6 inch thick  Tassie Oak, incl wheels, GST, care kit, towel rail $3300 Natural Or Dark top and your choice of standard body and fittings  colours.

Natural and dark end grain Tasmanian oak